Mid Week Opportunities

"Never allow the experience of past failures to smother your passion and diminish your capacity.  What God has purposed you for can never be altered or reduced by the opinions of your past.  You are the only one with the power to  abort your predestined purpose.  Commit to your potential and enlarge your capacity."  
 Apostle Tyronne McCreary 

Workshop Wednesday

The 1st Wednesday of every month at 7pm we host a series of workshops and training sessions for our leaders.   These sessions are administered by our senior leadership and are for the purpose of  empowering, equipping and investing into our leadership team.

Night of Worship

Every 3rd  Wednesday of every month at 7pm we have a Night of Worship, Prayer and Intercession.  This is a time of refreshing worship and  empowerment!  

RISE -- Young Adults

The 4th Wednesday of every month at 7pm we host a series of bible studies focused on the challenges of young adults, ages 19-33.   We host these sessions to encourage and empower you to walk in your purpose with confidence, and to lead your generation by example.
  • Ministry Locations: 
    • Workshop Wednesday for Leadership Team.  Location: Main Sanctuary
    • Small Group Bible Studies.   More information and to sign up, please stop by our Information Center located in the lobby of our main sanctuary.  
    • Night of  Worship, Prayer and Intercession.  Location: Main Sanctuary
    • RISE Ministry Focus Group for young adults, ages 19-33.  Location: Main Sanctuary